Persia’s Impact at the December Oxford Educational Research Symposium

Persia Educational Foundation was among the few selected to present a paper on future of education at the prestigious Oxford Educational Research Symposium. The well-received paper entitled “Consultation, Participation, and Contribution: A Learner Centred Approach to the Engenderment of Global Citizenry” was presented on the first day of the December Symposium at St. Cross College, Oxford, UK.

It advanced that education, at its most effective, engenders authentic inclusive learning that extends beyond the walls of the classroom. It also asserted that the three components of consultation, participation, and contribution help create a community of practice, where in addition to preparing students for the job market, they are trained as diverse citizens with a desire to contribute to their communities locally and seek the betterment of humanity globally.

The symposium was attended by a diverse group from around the planet whose cultural differences crystalised shared priorities, including the need for innovative student-centered learning, the importance of the education of women, and the need to embrace cultural diversity in educational institutions.

Keynote speakers at the Symposium included Kern Alexander, Ian Menter, Ken Mayhew, Dr David Marten and Dr Barbara Hong among other notable international education experts. Following the Symposium the Foundation will continue its engagement in the on going discourse around global education while applying the latest educational trends in its projects and undertakings to help advance women and children worldwide.

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