The Shah’s Iran―Rise and Fall

The Shah’s Iran―Rise and Fall: Conversations with an Insider

By Abdolreza Ansari (Author), Katayoon Ansari-Biglari (Translator)

A chance encounter diverted Abdolreza Ansari from completing his doctorate in the US, and set him on a professional journey which mirrored the prolific rise and the precipitous fall of the regime of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi of Iran. 

Ansari's government career took off when he became Iran's Treasurer General at the age of 32.  In this role he restructured the fiscal management of the country and revamped its social security system.  He was appointed Minister of Labour and Social Affairs at 34, where he created the Workers' Welfare Bank to support the labour force of the country.  As Iran was about to enter a period of rapid development, Ansari was called upon to take charge of the largest development project of the time, the construction of the Dez Dam in the oil-rich province of Khuzestan. Subsequently, Ansari was appointed to the all-important role of Minister of Interior where he conducted national parliamentary and city council elections in a single day for the first time in Iran's history. His plan for the urban rehabilitation of towns and population centres continues to be the basis for municipal governance to this day.


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