Norouz’97 Kid to Kid Campaign

P.E.F. is giving you the chance to participate in the annual fundraising campaign to help raise funds for education of children.

The Norouz ‘97 Kid 2 Kid Campaign is for children and youth who want to take charge of raising at least GBP 2000 and help advance education among your peers. The campaign will launch on Shab-e Yalda and will continue until we reach our goal in time for Norouz ’97.

The student and school that raise the highest amount of donation will be awarded the ‘P.E.F. Civic Award’. The Award is comprised of a gift certificate for the student as well as GBP 250 donation towards the school that help raise the highest amount of contribution to this year’s Kid 2 Kid campaign.


This is an easy and fun way to get involved in community service. You can raise funds on your own, with your classmates, family, or friends through your own creative ideas or any of the following:

Bake Sale:

Eat all the sweets you like and help feed your friends in Iran.

Football Tournament:

Organise a match and sell tickets to raise funds.

Car Wash:

Call your aunts and uncles, neighbours or parents at the school to let you wash their cars for a donation.

Marathon, Eat-a-thon or Dance-a-thon:

Pick your favourite way to raise funds for disabled children deserving a Norouz care package.

Backgammon Competition:

Set up score or time-based competitions and invite everyone to enjoy their favourite game while raising funds to help make this Norouz the start of a happy new year for children.

Sell P.E.F. Education Wristbands:

Available on-line at our SHOP or delivery to your school on consignment


£80: Will help provide a hot meal for 30 children in a village in Iran
£100: A year’s worth of undergarments for 25 children
£200: Warm winter clothing for 25 children
£500: Food and medicine for 60 disabled children

You may want to share with your parents that Persia is registered for Gift Aid and eligible donors are welcome to fill in the Gift Aid form available on our site to help you increase your donation by 25%.

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  1. Email us with your name(s) or the name of your school.
  2. Choose and advertise your fundraising activity through Website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, linking to Persia.
  3. Send in your donations by noon on 14 March 2017 to Sort Code: 40-06-09, Account Number: 11404040, with an email informing us of the amount you have sent.


Download our PDF to get involved with our campaign.