Gifting In Your Will


Persia Educational Foundation was formed to support Iranian descent students studying at UK universities. It launched its first STEM scholarship, the Persia Mirzakhani Scholarship for Woman in STEM, in September 2017 in association with the top UK research university, UCL.

It is now expanding its scholarship scheme to enable all Iranians living in the UK to support the younger generation studying at UK universities.

As part of this effort, Persia is launching its gifting program. Gifting in wills is the perfect way to advance education among younger Iranians and advance both the Iranian community and the greater society here in the UK and beyond. The monies left in wills to Persia Educational Foundation will go towards offering scholarships to deserving students selected by our independent academic panel of experts. The scholarship can be named after the donor, in honour of a person chosen by the donor, or as part of our general scholarship scheme.

What will a gift in my will to Persia scholarships achieve?

Leaving a gift in your Will to Persia will help to build a better future for Iranian students, many of whom despite high academic attainment, are unable to pay for their fees at UK universities.

A gift in your will, enables Persia and its independent academic panel to fund education of the most qualified students, both in terms of their academic attainments, as well as their upright character in relation to their own self, community as well as the larger society.

Why should I leave a gift in my Will to Persia scholarships?

Persia Educational Foundation is the leading registered charity in the UK that is designed to offer scholarships to students of Iranian descent studying at UK universities.

We have an outstanding board of trustees and advisors with strong ties to UK’s top educational institutions.

As a registered charity since 1997, we guarantee all your donations go towards scholarships. Our annual accounts are examined by an independent auditor for submission to the UK Charity Commission.

How can I leave a gift in my will for Persia Scholarships?

Your gift will transform a life forever.  To arrange a gift in your will for Persia scholarships please see your family lawyer or:

  • in England and Wales, contact The Law Society on 0207 242 1222 or visit
  • In Scotland, contact The Law Society of Scotland on 0131 226 7411 or visit
  • In Northern Ireland, contact The Law Society of Northern Ireland on 0289 023 1614 or visit

For more information please contact us at: [email protected]