Persia Offers Education Workshops

On 22 and 23 September Persia Educational Foundation offered an introductory training workshop to parents as well as teachers and headteachers of a number of Persian community supplementary schools in London. Persia’s bespoke Character and Civic Education training is the first education project of its kind to help advance Iranian-British children raised in the UK. The training help parents and other carers to provide a healthy environment for optimum and holistic development of the next generation. It also providers educators with an opportunity to set up local Character & Civic Education Clubs.

This emerging field in education is of increasing importance throughout the globe, including here in the UK. For more information please see the following report by the National Foundation for Educational Research:

Additional resources on this important field is published through Persia’s social media on a regular basis.

For further information or to host a training in your local area please email us at [email protected]