Established in 1997, Persia Educational Foundation is a non-governmental UK-registered charity. Its mission is to promote education and advancement of Persian-speaking communities worldwide. It provides knowledge and means to our partners and co-workers in order to encourage open and connected education leading to self-sufficiency and independence.

Persia’s primary target among this population are women and girls. Persia advances that:

  1. Only through education individuals and communities can reach their actual and true potential while protecting their rich heritage.
  2. Women, as mothers and first educators of the next generation, offer greater potential to impact the community.
  3. Promoting and accessing education and training is a universal right and key to achieving Agenda 2030.
  4. Education and advancement of women and girls is the key to establishing a culture of peace and prosperity.

About Us

The Foundation is comprised of the following bodies:

  1. Board of Trustees who oversee the overall development of the Foundation in accordance with UK charity laws. The board meets twice a year.
  2. Core Team, which is composed of its London-based Trustees and Executive Director. The Core Team meets on a bi-monthly basis.
  3. Staff, Consultants and Volunteers. Persia is managed by its Executive Director on a daily basis. It also benefits from a media consultant, two education consultants and three cohorts of volunteers each year. Persia also benefits from a range of ad hoc panels, task forces and committees. Persia’s financial matters are administered by an accountant and independent auditor in association with its Treasurer and Secretary.

Who we are

  • Dori Dana-Haeri

  • Nazenin Ansari

  • Kamran Hashemi

  • Reza Ansari

  • Dr. Tahirih T. Danesh