Abdolreza Ansari Scholarship

London (18 December 2020) – In honour of one of our founding trustees, Persia Educational Foundation is pleased to announce the Abdolreza Ansari Scholarship.

Following a life dedicated to public service and philanthropy, Mr Ansari passed away on 10 December 2020.

It was Mr Ansari’s fervent belief that investing in youth education would further global prosperity. This philosophy and his illustrious career inspired the establishment of the Persia Educational Foundation, to support and empower Iranian youth and young professionals.

Mr Ansari entered Iranian politics as a hard-working graduate, eager to help modernise his homeland and contribute towards its growth. It is therefore fitting that his legacy should live on in the form of a scholarship fund aimed towards Iran’s best and brightest, those dedicated to a life in public service and human rights. We are encouraging donations through our fundraising website.

After studying in the United States, Abdolreza Ansari returned to his home country and quickly climbed its public ranks. At the age of 32, he was already appointed Iran’s Treasurer General, and later became its Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, and finally took on the influential role of Minister of the Interior.

A champion of Iran’s modernisation and development, he rebuilt the country’s social security system by creating the Workers’ Welfare Bank to support the labour force of the country. He also led the construction of the Dez Dam in the oil-rich province of Khuzestan, one of the largest development projects of the period and an integral part of the Shah’s modernisation project.

In recognition of his accomplishments and devotion to his country, Mr Ansari was appointed by the Shah to manage the many charitable organizations headed by the monarch’s twin sister, Princess Ashraf Pahlavi, as Managing Director of the Imperial Organisation for Social Services.

His plan for the urban rehabilitation of towns and population centres continues to be the basis for municipal governance to this day, allowing Mr Ansari to achieve the ultimate ambition of statesmanship: a lasting and impactful imprint on his country.

Despite his career being cut short by the 1979 Islamic Revolution, he continued his service outside of Iran, through his advocacy and philanthropy.

For more on his life and a better understanding of one of the most transformative periods in Iran’s history, his book, The Shah’s Iran – Rise and Fall: Conversations with an Insider, is available on Amazon.

To donate to the Abdolreza Ansari Scholarship fund, please visit our online fundraising website. 

Your donation would allow us to honour Abdolreza Ansari’s memory so that his legacy can live on through a new generation of Iranians devoted to the values closest to his heart: the pursuit and protection of the public good.

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